Rebecca Rich is an artist living in Los Angeles. She holds a BA from Occidental College and an MFA from Claremont Graduate University.

Painting is a place where I explore duality, the self and the unknown as it relates to the concept of presentness.  My work begins with an activity of marks and accumulated layers that are vying towards form but never come into complete being.  Things become form and fall away.  This tension is what I am exploring. The energy marks a knowable space but presents the world as elusive and changing, indeterminate and unstable.  The movement shows a lack of stasis and traces of events, marks of something that happened or is still happening or could continue happening.  This simultaneity is what I am after. The feeling of ungroundedness. The paintings act as a witness for the viewer.   The stillness beyond the activity allows for the pause and the suspension. 

Instagram: @rebeccarich_studio